13 Days Program:

Day 1 : After landing, the group moves to the city of Babylon
Day 2 : After breakfast, the group will visit the historical city of Babylon which includes many historical sights built 7000 years ago. These sites are the Lion of Babylon, Ishtar Gate, The Hanging Gardens, The Labyrinth of Babylon.
Day 3 : At the early morning the group travels to the north of Iraq to the province of Sulaymania which is one of Kurdistan's provinces.
Day 4 : In Sulayminia the group will visit summer resorts such as Saringar, Dakan lake, and Ahmad Awa Resort.
Day 5 : The group will move to the second province in Kurdistan Erbil
Day 6 : In Erbil the group will visit Shaklawa, Resort of Gali Ali Baig and Bikhal waterfalls
Day 7 : The third province in Kurdistan is Dhok. The group will leave to this province after breakfast
Day 8 : In Dhok the group will visit the summer resorts of Sarsang and Swartooka.
Day 9 : Leaving Kurdistan to the city of Mosul in north of Iraq.
Day 10 : the city of the son of Hatra is visited in Mosul
Day 11 : In Mosul the group will also visit the old cities of Mosul , Prophet Younis Mosque, Amawi Mosque, and the Hump Back Minarate.
Day 12 : The group travels back to Baghdad
Day 13 : Departure from Baghdad airport.