About Iraq

Iraq is the land of prophecy and the place of the beginnings of human thought . Iraq is the first cradle of civilization as archeologists have agreed upon the fact that the Iraqi Summerians are the builders of the first civilization in the history of mankind. In 3200 B.C. writing was invented by this first civilization and it was later spread to different regions of the world. Thus, the first school was built on the lands of the summerians Iraq. The obelisks of the King Hammurabi are the first written laws in 1750 B.C. Iraq is the land between the two rivers (Mesopotamia). The two great rivers, Tigris and Euphrates make Iraq one of the richest lands of water and fertility. The Tigris and the Euphrates river flow down from the northern part of Iraq to the south where they meet in Basra to form Shatt al-Arab. The southern part of Iraq is rich in marshlands while icy mountains make up the north. Iraq ranks as the second oil-rich country in the world and its fields of oil are spread from the north to the south.