A Delegation of Chinese Tourists Visit Monuments in Dhi Qar

Nasiriya - Hazem Mohamed Habib.

 A tourism delegation arrived from the People's Republic of China to the city of Nasiriya to visit the archaeological and tourist areas in the province on Wednesday 22nd of December 2011.
 Asad Hussain, tourism director of Dhi Qar, said in a statement in the Al-Sabah newspaper “a delegation of tourists arrived in Baghdad through Al- Rafidain Company yesterday, interested in the subject of archaeological tourism.
They will come to the city of Nasiriya in a three-day tour which will include visiting a number of archeological, tourist and marshes areas. They will also be visiting some markets which bear the characters of popular folklore”.
 He also stated that guides from the department of tourism in the province will be accompanying the delegation and they will present to them the very best available facilities and services. They will also secure for them appropriate and comfortable accommodations.
 The delegation will be experiencing the true nature of Iraq's antiquities and marshes areas, and the guides will explain to them the importance of the historical, archaeological, and cultural aspects of these areas.
 On the other hand the tourism director emphasized that the tourism board is working to complete the required procedures to obtain the land ownerships allocated for a tourist city to be established in the city of Nasiriyah. He indicated that the land allocated is to set up a city with an area of 289 acres. The department of engineering consultancy within the Tourism Authority will direct the work following the completion of the procedures to obtain the conveyance approval of the designs and schemes.