A delegation from Al-Rafidain for Travel and Tourism visited the region of Kurdistan in Iraq

A delegation from Al-Rafidain for Travel and Tourism visited the region of Kurdistan in Iraq. The delegation was composed of the gentlemen Haidar Al-Husseini, public relations officer and Hassanein in charge of media and Ammar al-Khafaji, a transport official. During the visit a meeting was held wirh Mr. Maulvi Jabbar Wahab, chairman of the tourism board in the province of Kurdistan, and he was congratulated on the occasion of his accession of the new position as head of the board.

Discussions were made during the meeting to facilitate the company's work in bringing in tourist groups coming to the Kurdistan region from the Western countries through the provision of hotels and restaurants with international standards. The chairman of the Tourism Board was invited to take part in the international exhibitions participations carried out by the company as well as to visit the province of Najaf. The President expressed full cooperation for all the topics discussed with the delegation of the company. Then the delegation met with Mr. Ismail Sophie chairman of the Association of Tourism Companies and Hajj and Umrah in Kurdistan, as well as with Mr. Sirwan Abdul-Rahman Shehab who is a member of the association. With them they discussed the issue of the involvement of tourism companies in the province of Kurdistan, the project of Iraq's bringing numbers of European tourists. Then, the delegation took a tour of hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities in Erbil to see the level of services and facilities provided for tourists. The delegation then went to visit the provinces of Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah and met with Mr. Yassin Said Director General of Tourism in Sulaymaniyah and Sheikh Abbas, President of the Association of hotels and restaurants in Dohuk. The visit to the region was concluded successfully and all the goals developed were achieved.

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