Tourist Groups Entering Iraq Today

A new image for Iraq has been transferred to the world, as a result of Al-Rafidainís numerous participations and activities in most of the international forums held for the purposes of travel, tourism, and aviation. The image of Iraq's new found security has been portrayed and it overrode all the negative images painted to the world by the media, who has ever failed to cover the positive situation at present.

This new image has made a significant impact in acquiring numbers of international tourists who have come to the country to see the architectural remains of the great historic Mesopotamian civilization. The effects have been extremely positive as in the month of October we have had over 20 tourists from different nationalities. The tourists were extremely surprised when they saw the reality of Iraq as safety and normalcy prevailed in the everyday life of Iraqis. Through their immediate contact with the Iraqi people, the tourists were left with the impression that the people of Iraq were extremely goodhearted. Their programs ranged between 5-10 days and they visited sites in the city of Baghdad such as the Mustansiriya School, The Golden Mosque, The Copper Market, Al-Mutanabi Street, the Historical Museum of Baghdad, and the Archeological Museum of Iraq. They also visited some churches and other tourist sites such as Al-Zawraa Resort, and the Island of Baghdad. They also visited the ancient city of Babylon, and Saddamís presidential compound. In the city of Karbalaa, they went to the Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas, as well as the caves Tar and the Ukhaydir Fort. They visited the city of Najaf, where they went to the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali, the Mosque of Kufa, the Cemetery of the Valley of Peace which is the second largest cemetery in the world, the Emirate Palace, the Pulleys of Najaf, the Sea of Najaf, and the Kufa Cornishe. Also included in their package was the visit of the archeological city of Nasiriyah to see Ur and the Ziggurat. They then proceeded to the city of Basra where they visited the Shanasheel of Basra, the marshes and some of the old neighborhoods where they concluded their historical tour inside Iraq.