Al-Rafidain for Travel and Tourism Receives a Delegation from the German Tourism Agency Ikarus Tours.

A delegation from Al-Rafidain for Travel and Tourism, consisting of Mr. Haidar Al-Husseini, and Ammar al-Khafaji,received the delegation from the German tourism agency Ikarus Tours, represented by Mr. Nicholas Kitzki (managing director), Mr.Ralph Hooper (Assistant Director), and Mr. Godehard Ulrich (director of operations for Africa and the Middle East). Upon their arrival to Iraq through Erbil International Airport the delegation from our company gave them a tour in the city of Erbil and its neighbouring resorts. Then the delegation met with Mr. Molwy Jabbar Wahab, chairman of the tourism board in Kurdistan, as well as with Mr. Omid Kayfi, Director of Technical Affairs, and Mr. Hagop Serop Jacob, director of public relations.

During the meeting, they discussed services and facilities that can be provided to the German tourist groups coming through the company to the Kurdistan region.

At the end of the visit, which lasted three days, Mr. Nicholas Kitzki expressed his and his companions' feelings throughout their visit saying, that they came to Iraq expecting to find many obstacles as a result of the negative picture that the German and European media portrays to the world regarding the overall situation in Iraq. However, they have found the complete opposite in that life in Iraq runs in it normal course and people are optimistic and this is shown on their faces through their comfort, safety and peace of mind. They were pleased with the facilities available, and they believe that the tourist sites are eligible and ready to welcome tourists. They are certain that upon their return to Germany they will be getting many bookings to Kurdistan and they will start to promote and market exactly what they saw during their visit. During their visit, the delegation was accompanied by Mr. Abdul Redha Dawood, who is the General National Coordinator between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.

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