Leisure tourism
Introduction to the nature in the Kurdistan region:

  Kurdistan Region is one of the main tourist areas in the region and in the world, as are many beautiful tourist areas, such as recreation and leisure tourism, beautiful nature, waterfalls and the green mountains. In the Kurdistan Region are many beautiful small towns and villages, which are full of natural and touristic places that are very Suitable as tourist areas for local and foreign tourists. the Kurdistan region of Iraq is considered the most beautiful and charming parts of the country, and here you can see droping snow in the winter and see in summer the beautiful weather with plenty of fresh air coming from the green hills and valleys, the full of trees and Mineral waters.


 Zawita Resort:

 This resort is located at (16) kilometers from the city of Dohuk and rises 885m above sea level and the summer temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. The advantages of this recreational resort are the moderate weather and the large shadow places everywhere among the pine forests that are known in this city. In Zawita resort, there are many recreational parks, leisure areas, casinos, restaurants, which can be seen everywhere.

Sware Toka-resort:

 Swaretoka resort has surrounded a special place overlooking a deep valley in an area of mountains on all sides and overlooking the valley and Swaretoka Bamerni Valley. Here is a nice weather prevails with many Esfandar, Soro-fruit trees and mountain-and that's why Swaretoka resort consider as the most beautiful Resort in Kurdistan.

Geli-Baland resort:

 It is a mountainous strait, very bumpy, narrow paths, from one side enters the Mateen Mountains and Shireen mountains from the other side. Its sea-level rise is about (3000 m) in the northeast of the province of Dohuk and the mountains are covered with dense mountain a natural plants and natural forests with a view to a sight valley through which the river runs, Roy-Shin. The main crops in this resort are nuts, almonds, and many different varieties of mountain fruits.  

Sharanish Resort:

 This resort is famous for its beautiful waterfalls that flow down from the high Zakirh and Khamattur Mountains. The resort height is more than 25 m high and covered with dense natural forests and about (40) kilometers from the district of Zakho in Dohuk. Near there is a big rocky cave with a circular entrance, which can be half an hour walking distance. In this cave throughout the year goes a natural cold fresh water.  

Sarsank Resort:

 After leaving the Swartoka Resorts on the way to the East and with a couple of miles then turn up to Bamarni Skrien,that is famous with vineyards. The resort is Sasrsank. With a 1046m climb above sea level and a temperature of 34 C and at a distance of 126 km from the city of Mosul Sarsank resort is very famous as the most beautiful Resort in Iraq with the tourist atmospheres, the natural sources of water, green mountains and dense forests, hotels, chalets, casinos, night clubs and throughout the region, there are restaurants, markets, cinema summer theater , in addition to the popular cafes, shops and all amenities  

Solaf Resort:

 Solaf Resort is to 1150 meters above sea level in a beautiful valley in the middle of Amadiyah and Solaf mountain. Solaf means in Kurdish (waterfall) and the water flow from the high mountains as waterfalls and one of them with a height of 30 meters. This resort has it all, many fruit trees, mountain-fruit, nut trees and the many caves and especially the summer cave and many hotels and restaurants.

Ienshky Resort:

 This resort is located between Alkedesh Sarsank complex and the resort at a distance of 9 km. The Ienshky resort characterized by the appropriate view of the Sarsank level, the beautiful scenery, the natural gardens, the cold weather, the cave and the beautiful famous waterfalls, and there are also hotels, restaurants, casinos and all the tourists want.  

Kashani Resort:

 It is a mountain range in the district of Zakho and Resort is located on the Kashan-mountain and on the east side of Sharanish Mountains. The natural water comes from natural springs flowing from the field (He Taneen Fet) and water through a beautiful mountainous region. The beautiful natural sights such as the many green valleys, the highland the difficult mountainous paths and the natural water in agriculture, which is full of apples, peaches and pears, pomegranates, apricots, pears, and the famous Alaspendar-trees and various species of vines , walnuts and almonds.  

Ashaoh Resort:

 Ashawa means the water mill, because at that time the mills were always at the waterfalls, to set it in operation. Ashaoh is very famous for its high waterfalls, abundant water, the beautiful trees and the high number of water sources, which makes the high-famous waterfalls. Ashaoh is also famous. With the presence of the natural geomorphology, the many caves, the beautiful forests, mountain-fruit, natural cliff, and the many natural waterfalls and all that attracts many tourists from all countries  

Jarstein-cave (Dohuk):

 The Dohuk city is one of the cities with an important historical, geographical and tourist importance in Kurdistan and the discoveries in the caves including Jarstein cave with four pillars in the valley of Dahuk and has shown a historical and cultural significance.

Dohuk-Geli resort (Dohuk Valley) Dahuk:

 One of the most beautiful areas in the Kurdistan region, with all the natural sights and now there are plans to develop these areas as tourism destinations.  



 Sirgnar resort:

 At a distance of 5 km from Sulaymaniyah Sirgnar resort is located in a forest of tall trees and waterfalls. A brown land covered with thousands of trees, such as figs, olives, pomegranates, and that looks like a mosaic. Sirgnar the resort is famous for its natural springs that flow all over and along the water sources is many restaurants, cafes and many places for family entertainment. In summer, many tourists will come here and sometimes very hard to find places. There are also more than 15 restaurants, hotels, amusement places, sports grounds and nursery

Dukan Lake:

 Dukan Lake is one of the finest resorts and the most attractive for tourists. Their dark blue color and with a view of the green mountains and pine trees  

Darbandikhan Lake:

 One of the Sulaymaniyah-lake resorts and very suitable for boating and other tourist activities.

Ahmed Awa Resort:

 It is one of most beautiful the mountain resorts and you can with a 75 km long road from Sulaymaniyah to the resort . If a tourist has the Ahmed Awa resorts and waterfalls not seen and visited, he had seen nothing of the natural points of interest in Kurdistan.
 This resort is located at a distance of 84 kilometers east of the city of Sulaimaniya near the Khurmal region. In the village of Ahmed Awa sees the propagation of the places to relax and dance halls.
 Along the banks of a river that flows from high rocks Here annually Iraqi families gathered from all the cities of Iraq here to enjoy the weather, the Kurdish music with Debke dance.



Geli Eli Beg Waterfall:

 One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iraq and the distance of 130 km in the northern province of Erbil, Iraq in this waterfall from the high mountains and the many flowing water, which comes from the very top. The Geli Ali waterfall means (magic eye) (Sepah) and named magic, because it is an abundant source of water flowing on certain days, depending on the direction of the wind.

Salah al-Din resort:

 This resort is located on the mountain and you need Biermam fourteen spiral cycle to reach the resort.
 The height of this mountain is 1090m above sea level and the maximum temperature in summer (36 C). The resort is spread over a wide area with a view of the plane. To the city of Arbil on one side and the mountain on the other side. This resort is known for his mountain. Fruit such as oak and cypress trees, etc.  

Shaqlawa Resort:

 The resort is located in Erbil and a distance of 18 km from the resort Salahuddin and 966 m above sea level with maximum temperature rise is 35 degrees Celsius in summer The height of the mountain is 1475 meters and mountain covered with trees of various kinds, such as tannins and oak, hawthorn and other trees, which is an economic resource for the people of Shaqlawa.
 There are also a variety of wild animals in the mountains, like wild pigs, goats, wolves and birds of different species.
 And water resources come from rain and snow, who meet together and make the river, called in Syriac, the Cold River and the Great Zab, for Shaqlawa-air depending on the season, in the winter heavy rain and snow and more people built in Shaqlawa old mud stoves for cooking and heating.
 And in the spring is rainy and Shaqlawa shows all the beauty and the overwhelming green of the mountains, valleys, hills and plains, and in the summer the air is very fresh because of the location on the mountain also the many green areas and in the summer there the ripe mountain fruit, but in the autumn worn the yellow dress for the autumn leaves that turn yellow.

Hareer (silk)-valley:

 Alhareer Valley is known for its the water sources, tobacco cultivation and harvesting honey and other advantages is the different number of archeological grave mound age.  


 located at a distance of 21kms from the silk city in a valley that a branch of the Zab near the famous resort Geli Ali Beg.  

Schanidar cave:

 located in a Schanidar area on the left side of the Geli Ali Beg and it is one of the most valuable wider cave in northern Iraq, and was found in this cave the skeletons of Neanderthals.

Haj Omran resort:

 This resort is located on the northeast boundary of the Iraq-Iran border, North-East and of 69 km and 1780 m above sea level with maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius during the day.  

Bejal Falls:

 With 10 km to the Rawanduz-city visitors hear the roar of the waterfalls falling from the mountain peaks to the cool green area, surrounded with lots of trees from all sides.  

Gendian region:

 The magic eye (Sepah) is here and called the name of magic, as the water source flowing when you hit on cave-stone and so far, we know not, that's why they call it (the magic eye).