What was mentioned about Al-Rafidain In International Media

After the first and successful participation to Iraq represented by Al-Rafidain Company for Travel and Tourism in the World Travel Market which was held in London for the period from the seventh until the tenth of November 2010. International and Arab media as well as global websites have shed a light on the importance of Iraqs participation in international fairs for the promotion and marketing of tourism. The importance of the companys first ever participation in the worlds largest tourism exhibition in Berlin for the period from the ninth to the thirteenth of March 2011 was highlighted as well. This exhibition is the largest international exhibition in terms of importance and global presence. It has been announced that more than 160 countries represented by 5600 travel companies have participated in the ITB of 2011. Al-Rafidain company was the only company that represented Iraq there. Then came our third participation for the company within the exhibition that was held in the Russian capital Moscow for the period of the thirteenth of March until the sixteenth of March 2011 to reflect the companys aspiration for openness to the world and exhibit the true face of Iraq as an important tourist and historical destination. Iraq represented by Al-Rafidain Company for Travel and Tourism has completed all the necessary arrangements for its participation in the exhibition of the Arabian Travel Market which will be held for the period of the second of May to the fifth of May 2011. Another exhibition in the city of Malaga in Spain will be held from the second to the fourth of June 2011 while the following exhibition will be in the Italian city of Remini for the period from the sixth to the eighth of august. Finally the exhibition which will be embraced by the French capital Paris from the 20th until the 23rd of September 2011. As stated in the articles published by local agencies and the Arab world and the International websites many of important and interested reactions in such posts have been deployed. The Iraqi news agency, Panorama newspaper, the Euphrates newspaper, the Justice newspaper, Asharq al-Awsat newspaper of London, the Egyptian Copts newspaper, Fayhaa news channel, Al-Arabia news , Yahoo news, Middle east online site, France International News, and Reuters have all stated these reactions. .

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